Classes and Workshops

Mud, Mud, Mud Glorious MUD….

Courses – (come get dirty with us)

Come play in the mud at Club Mud. We offer great classes in wheel throwing & hand building of all skill levels.

You will learn throwing, trimming and glazing all while finding your style and creativity. It’s cheaper than therapy! Come get dirty and play in the mud and find your inspiration. Pottery is more fun with friends, so sign up for one of our awesome workshops. It will just wet your whistle a little and you’ll soon want to learn more about throwing and building pottery.

Need a new kind of Team Building activity? Our Workshops are just what you need! Great for Team Building or just pure family fun!




We throw it, you design and make it your own. Whether you come alone or as group these workshops are great fun and are a new kind of Team Building opportunity.

Workshops include: Thrown piece (basic form), clay, tools, glazes & paints, firing and finished product.

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